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Create, Update and Delete Domain Based Email Accounts Directly from WordPress.

WP Email Manager makes it a breeze to create domain based email accounts from WordPress while integrating with Cloudflare DNS, WP Multisite, WP Ultimo, MXroute, cPanel, CyberPanel, DirectAdmin, ISPConfig, 20i, Mailcow, VestaCP & much more.

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Email Account Creation

Easily Create New Email Accounts

WP Email Manager enables you to create domain based email accounts such as [email protected] from the WordPress admin or frontend when using the Frontend Addon, which is provided for free.

Update & Suspend Email Accounts

Easily Manage Email Accounts

With WP Email Manager, you can :

  1. Update email account passwords.
  2. Update email account disk quota.
  3. Assign email accounts to specific WordPress users using the User Accounts addon.
  4. Suspend email accounts.
  5. Delete email accounts

All from WordPress.

Email Domain and DNS Administration

Easily Manage Domain DNS Records

With WP Email Manager you can manage domains in your email server and their DNS records if they use Cloudflare DNS hosting. 

Frontend Email Account Administration

Manage email accounts from the frontend of your website using the free Frontend Addon.

Email Hosting

Sell Email Accounts

Our WooCommerce Addon enables you to sell email accounts using WooCommerce Subscriptions or Sumo Subscriptions

Set maximum number of email accounts per domain, and disk space per email account.

When used together with the free Frontend Addon, you can create your complete email hosting business. 

Website as a Service

WP Ultimo Integration

Do you provide a Website as a Service platform using WP Ultimo? You can now provide your clients with email hosting. 

You no longer need to redirect your customers to other email service providers. Limit and charge your customers for the number of email accounts they can create based on their WP Ultimo subscription.

Frequently Questions

Which plugins, 3rd party services and server management systems are supported?

We support WP Ultimo, cPanel, CentOS Web Panel & much more. Would you like a particular integration? Let us know through our integrations page.

Can I assign email accounts to specific WordPress users?

Yes, this is possible when using the User Accounts addon. Learn more here.

Does the plugin work on WordPress multisite?

Yes. In addition, in a WP multisite install you can control the total number of email accounts a particular subite can have by either:

  1. Using the default subsite email account limitations settings. Learn more here.
  2. Integrating with WP Ultimo. Learn more here.

Does the plugin work on WordPress single sites?


Does the plugin require an active license to work?

Absolutely not. Once you purchase the plugin you can continue to use it even if your license has expired. An active license simply entitles you to receive ongoing plugin updates and support.

How do I download premium addons?

Please refer to this article

Can a subsite in a multisite installation use a different email server from the rest of the network?

Yes. The Custom Server Configuration addon is required, which is provided for free if you have an active license. 

What kind of support do you provide?

Customers with an active license can receive support via our support page 

What’s your refund policy?

Please have a look at our refund policy here.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your license subscription at any time. But keep in mind when you cancel your license it immediately becomes inactive and you will not be able to receive updates. You'll need to purchase a new license at the non-renewal price to reactivate it.

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